Terms & Conditions

It is wise to understand the rental terms and conditions of A Loft Apartment Bali before visiting the property. And it is always welcome for any discussion surround the terms and conditions of A Loft Apartment Bali.


Term of Staying

  •      Check in date is the date when Tenants received the rented unit’s keys
  •     The rate/price of daily, weekly and monthly rental are different. Please contact A Loft Apartment officer if you wish to continue or discontinue your staying min. 1 week before due date.

Schedule Information

  •      Check in time: after 12.00 pm
  •      Check out time: before or at 12.00 pm
  •      Cleaning service time: 10.00 - 13.00
  •      No Cleaning service after 13.00 during weekdays and on Sunday.

Term of Facilities

  •      The facilities of the A Loft Apartment only can be used by the registered Tenants.
  •      Cleaning service is conducted 3 times per week for weekly/monthly rental, bed sheet to be replaced once a week, duvet to be replaced once a month. The Cleaners are allowed to come inside the room for cleaning.
  •      Drinking water and tissues are provided for the first time only (monthly/weekly rental).
  •      Electricity is not included in the monthly/weekly price (top up system). Before check out, the Tenant must leave the same amount of electricity unit on the meter when checking in.
  •      No cooking allowed inside the room. Public kitchen could be used with the gas supplied by the Tenant. Never leave the stove unattended when cooking.
  •     Tenant could borrow the kitchen utensils and must be cleaned after usages. Soap for washing must be provided by the Tenant. Kitchen area must be kept cleaned after usage.
  •     The Tenant is not allowed to order A Loft Apartment Staffs to do the Tenant’s personal matters, such as opening and closing the front gate, purchasing personal stuffs, cleaning up the kitchen in public area and kitchen preparation area in the room after the Tenant’s usage, etc.
  •      Wi-fi password and gate lock code is to be treated as confidential and not to be shared with non-registered guests.
  •      Room keys must be kept by Tenant all the time. If lost, the Tenant will be charged Rp.250,000
  •     Parking lot/area is only for the registered tenants. If the registered tenants bringing more than one car, the other car can be parked outside the A Loft Apartment property.
  •      Swimming pool policy:
  •      Swimming time is 8:00 Am - 20.00 pm, only for registered Tenants
  •      Diving is not allowed and must wear proper swimsuit.
  •      Smoking, food, and beverages are not allowed inside the pool.

Term of Activity:

The Tenant shall keep the noise down for the convenience of other Tenants and the neighbors.

The Tenant shall pick up his/her guests and any couriers/delivery/transportation rental/public transportation pick up,etc on parking area/pick up point. Delivery/courier man/driver, etc is strictly forbidden to enter A Loft Apartment’s inside area and the Tenant’s room for everybody’s security and conveniences.

Littering is strictly prohibited.

The Tenant is not allowed to dispose anything, even tissue, into the toilet, otherwise it will clog the plumbing. During checking in time, A Loft Apartment will show the toilet is working properly. If clogging toilet found during the tenant stay, A Loft Apartment will charge the fixing costs as the rate applied by the 3rd party/plumber.

The Tenants shall inform A Loft Apartment officer for any dysfunction on room’s equipment, electronics, fittings, etc due to A Loft Apartment’s failures so we can quickly take actions to fix or replace it.

Standard cleanliness & conditions when checking out: no trashes or any human disposal on the floor/bed/toilet/etc, no clogging on kitchen sink/toilet/washbasin, no graffiti/doodles/stickers/color beverages splashes on the wall/ furniture/linens, no holes by smoke burnt and food/alcohol beverages spots on linens, no modification/damages/loss on fixtures and fittings by Tenant’s failures. If found, we have a right to charge or deduct it to the security deposit.

A Loft Apartment is not responsible for any damage and loss to Tenants' vehicles parked in A Loft Apartment area.


 Is agreed upon:

  1.      Total Room rental payment to be paid upon checking in and not refundable.
  2.     Security Deposit as a guarantee of Rp. 2.000.000 for monthly rental (over 2 weeks rental) and Rp. 1.000.000 for weekly rental (maximum 2 weeks rental) or equivalent (in other currency) to be paid upon checking in and refundable when checking out after pre-checking out inspection. Any damages and/or changes and/or loss of fixtures, fittings, furnishings, equipment, and linen in the room and A Loft Apartment facitilies that caused by the Tenants’ failure, is able to be deducted to the security deposit upon both parties discussion.
  3.      For any cancellation, alteration or in case of no-show on the day or during the Tenants’ stay, the total price of the rent or any down payment paid is non-refundable.
  4.     Maximum number of people staying in 1-unit apartment is 2 persons (registered Tenants). Any extra person (3rd person etc) will be charged Rp.200,000 per night/person and to use the provided facilities. Infant and/or child under 12 years old is not allowed to stay.
  5.      The Room rental is not transferrable/over contract to 3rd Party.
  6.     The Tenant shall register his and/or her staying to A Loft Apartment Officer by submitting the copy of identification card/passport and visa (for foreigners). The ID will be registered to Local Authorities.
  7.      The Tenant hereby warrants and represents that they will not use A Loft Apartment for any illegal purposes:
  • -    Prostitution activity: conduction prostitution business and/or to invite or to use any prostitution services.
  • -    Any live animals of any description/No Pets, especially endangered animals
  • -    Firearms, illegal drugs and any other illegal goods as according to Indonesian Laws.
  • -   Using and/or storing any articles/goods that are dangerous, noxious, inflammable, explosive or which may give a risk to health and safety for all the Tenants, the property and neighborhood, which against the Indonesian Laws (especially for terrorism purposes).
  •      If above materials and activities are found, everything is at the Tenants’ risks and unrelated with A Loft Apartment, and the Tenant must leave the premises soon (early check out).

 A Loft Apartment has the right to remove the Tenant’s belongings out of the property of A Loft Apartment and terminate the contract if the monthly payment is not received maximum 3 days after the monthly payment date is due.

 Tenants is not allowed to make any modifications and open the seal of electricity box, as per Indonesian Electricity regulation. Otherwise, risks and penalties by the Government will be at Tenants’ own risk.

 The unit rented by the Tenant must not be used for commercial/business purposes, such as office, meeting premise, shop/store, warehouse, etc. If found, A Loft Apartment has the right to terminate the contract and ask the Tenant to leave the premises

 Tenants is agreeing and conducting A Loft Apartment house rules as attached.

 For any feud and misunderstanding between A Loft Apartment Management and The Tenants shall be reviewed and discussed together to find the solution.

 The Tenants is fully held their own liability, responsibility, and the risks of their own personal errands, belongings, and safety during their stay at A Loft Apartment.